EnLabel is a comprehensive label design and print package that allows you to effortlessly design sophisticated labels using barcodes, variable data and database integration for output on any Windows printer.

User-Friendly Interface 

The EnLabel user interface has an intuitive layout with easy-access property panel allowing  you to design your labels faster and with greater control.

Add single-line text, paragraph text, lines, boxes, ellipses, arc text, tables, barcodes, images and symbols and use the property panel to configure the elements on your design.

EnLabel Handles Variable Data Effortlessly

EnLabel offers a comprehensive range of different data sources to help with managing variable data, including:

Making use of the different data sources allows for a high level of versatility in the design and printing of your labels.

Keyboard Entry:

Set up elements on your label to prompt for keyboard entry at print-time.

Database Connections

Connect to Microsoft Access or Excel Databases to import variable data to your label at print time. You also have the option to create your own database from within EnLabel and to create filtered print-lists.

Option Lists

Create option lists so that your print operators can select from a list of options at print time. Can be useful for selecting variable graphics or symbols.

Incrementing Numbers

Create incrementing number or serial number fields. You can save your serial numbers so they can be used across different templates.

Date Time Stamps

Print todays date on your signage, or offset from keyboard prompt or database.

Price Calculations

Calculate price at print time - useful for variable weight items.

Macro Scripts

Advanced management of variables can be managed using in-built basic-like macro scripting language.

EnLabel’s Sample Library

EnLabel installs a range of template designs to get you started.

Click on the blue arrows to swipe through some of our samples to get an idea which template you can use in your business.

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