EnGine is a Windows application designed for integration into third party applications. EnGine merges data from an existing data source with label templates designed on EnLabel to produce signs, tickets and labels on any Windows printer.

Using templates created with EnLabel, each printed sign, ticket or label is automatically copy-fitted and formatted in accordance with the constraints applied to the template. Together with automatic calculations, date/time stamps, serial numbers, barcodes and other features, printing with EnGine maintains accuracy of information, quality of presentation, corporate branding and compliance with Trading Standards throughout any organisation.

Modifications to EnLabel templates can be made independently and implemented with no effect on EnGine or your third-party application.

EnGine can work in two modes: invoked directly from your application or, in “file watch” mode, whereby a specified file is continually watched by the application and new data printed when the file is updated.

EnGine can be installed as an invisible, integral part of your system or run as a minimised application. EnGine can be invisibly integrated into
any application and supplied under multi-site user licences or used to create customised print stations for standalone PCs.