EnSign V6 - A Significant Upgrade for Our Valued Customers

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of EnSign (version 6) is now available. Please read on to find out; what changes have been made, what benefits there are to users, how to upgrade and information on pricing.

Discover What’s New in Version 6:

Though the familiar and reliable user interface of v5.14 remains intact, we’ve engineered numerous enhancements beneath the surface:

  • Licensing: Our refined licensing model now supports seamless licence transfers, freeing up new PC activations as soon as a licence is deactivated on another device.
  • Language Support: Broadened multi-language support ensures accessibility for a diverse range of users.
  • Sample Labels: We’ve added a range of sample labels.
  • Data Management: The new version is now compatible with macro-enabled Excel spreadsheets (.xlsm files) and features enhanced advanced database filtering.
  • Barcodes: Enhancements to add-ons and human-readable formats for EAN and UPC barcodes.
  • Printing: A convenient, print-only version icon now installs directly on the desktop.

Why Upgrade to Version 6?

Benefits of transitioning to Version 6 include:

  • Reliability: Stable and improved labelling software with EnSign v6
  • Continued support: upgrading ensures that your labelling processes continue to be fully supported (support for earlier versions of EnSign ended on 31/12/2023)
  • Licensing Efficiency: The improved licensing model reduces license-related support needs.
  • System Compatibility: EnSign v6 remains fully compatible with Windows 10, 11, and future Windows OS releases.

Guide to Upgrading to Version 6:

We encourage users of EnSign Version 5 and older to upgrade promptly, ensuring their labelling software remains secure, updated, and fully supported. Please note that support for previous versions ended on 31/12/2023. Support is now only available for Version 6.

Upgrade Procedure (Version 5)

  1. Once you have decided to upgrade, please fill in our “Quote Request Form” which you can access here.
  2. Image will provide a quotation for the requested upgrades.
  3. Submit your order to sales@imagecomputersystems.com
  4. Image will send invoice / payment request via email.
  5. You will then receive the licence IDs for the V6 upgrade along with installer links.
  6. Download the V6 installer onto each PC needing the upgrade.
  7. Running the installer will automatically upgrade the software from V5.14 to V6.

Please note that labels designed on earlier versions will remain compatible with Version 6.

Pricing Information (as of 01/01/2024)

For New Licences:

EnSign Professional V6: £795
EnSign Print Station V6: £435
EnGine V6: £325

Upgrade Pricing:

EnSign Professional V5 -> EnSign Professional V6: £318
EnSign Basic V5 -> EnSign Professional V6: £381
EnSign Print V5 -> EnSign Print V6: £174

EnGine V5 -> EnGine V6: £118

Additional Information:

We’re more than happy to assist with any queries related to the V6 upgrade or any other inquiries concerning our software products. Your success and satisfaction are our priority, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions.